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Your product is a goodI will tell you that my .eml files took 2 1/2 hours to import into Outlook2007When testing the other product it was to fiddly but left the individual email as a EML format which opens it like an attachment within OutlookPetersonI wanted to take some time to tell you how much Outlook Import Wizard saved the day for me! I had the same computer for years and had all my outlook emails saved on that computerIt was easier to use your tool on a PC than trying to get the import to work on the Mac, and since the ultimate destination was an Exchange mailbox, this was a natural solutionI had a thumb drive with the .dbx files from the Outlook Express v.6 on another systemThanks to your softwareJoelMy migration is now completed, thanks to your softwareThank you for a really useful piece of softwareI have been using PC's for yearsI just bought a MAC (still being shipped)


Bill Van S says: July 9, 2017 at 2:33 pm I had my hard disk crash and paid a firm to recover my files and emails which they provided back to me on an external hard driveI was able to salvage the email files from the hard disk, but I did not have access to a Vista computerThank you for a really useful piece of software.Ian ToddA friend had suffered partial damage to the hard disk on a Vista equipped computerIt is dbxconv.exeI have Office 2003 and that version of Outlook does not know how to import .eml files


Your software saved the day for me!LYour software was easy to use and seemed to work fine.Owen JohnsonI am a fan of Mozilla's Thunderbird email client and have used it on my work computer for yearsI used Outlook Import to convert about 10,000 emails located in hundreds of directories and Outlook Export Wizard to convert my .pst archives - again more than 10,000 emailsI wanted to import all my old saved emails into OutlookWe especially like the feature which remembers folder structure.Elaine BienvenuThe software is greatThe only suggestions I would have would be to be able to directly convert an .mbox to a .pst would be really, really cool and save me a lot of timeIt was a great piece of software and it did what it advertised.Keith KozakIused Outlook Import Wizard to import and covert my Windows Mail (eml) to Outlook PST, since my future upgrade to Windows 7 will not included an embedded email programThank you very much for your kind offer of assistance


Really GreatMrona says: March 9, 2016 at 9:35 pm Thank you for such detailed reviewI use 7 email accounts personal/business, so using Outlook Import Wizard was an option, I needed to have them all togetherEverything I wanted to move from Thunderbird to Outlook 2010 (except my address book) went just as slick as could beI turned them into .eml files - more on that below - and used Outlook Import to bring them into Outlook 2007I also used a free program to convert .dbx files to .eml filesDrag them into the Outlook folder to import Reply Recently, however, my company installed an Exchange server to handle our email hosting (it had previously been through a third-party service)Thank you very much for your kind offer of assistance


Thought the software was great, easy to use and most importantly did what it said it would do.Many thanks for a very useful utilityGood luck to you,I wanted to import all my old saved emails into OutlookWas using Windows Mail and we needed a method to transfer these emails over to Outlook 2010I am thus moving over the folders of email history from Entourage (.mbox) back to a .pst file in OutlookTHANK YOURecently, however, my company installed an Exchange server to handle our email hosting (it had previously been through a third-party service)I transferred each mail folder individually to keep same file structure 47c21cc077


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